Showmyroutes is for the geolocstion fun to play around with googlemaps.
Users could upload their photoes which embeded with Goelocation informations and show them on googlemap, it also allow the user to manualy generate the markers on google map to click on the map. In this way, you could show the routes to a destination to other people who are not familiar with the area.
There are 5 different views :

  • "Poly Line view which linked the markers with lines and also show the informations between the lines
  • Dynamic maps in which blue markers moving along the routes, viewer could change the animation speed, pause and roll back to prevoiuse point
  • google street view showing the google street view of each marker which help user to get better view of location
  • Elevtion map which will show the elevation change along the routes
  • Walking view which link to routes by the path which could be accessed by pedstrain

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Full screen intro with youtube video.
In this video, we are going to guide you through the views and how to generate the routes.